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New Eruv Operational in the South-Eastern Suburbs 

(Randwick Coogee Maroubra) 



A trial period for the opening and use of the Coogee-Maroubra Eruv will take place this coming Shabbat (commencing Friday evening 22 April 2016) and remaining in use for the following Shabbat (commencing Friday evening 29 April 2016).  

The Eruv: 

The Eruv was built to assist and enhance the Shabbos experience especially for parents with young children and toddlers in strollers. Thdecision to commence a trial period at this time was made as Seder night this year falls out on Shabbos. We believe that the Eruv will greatly assist in the shmirahthe sanctification and holiness of the Shabbat and Yom Tov. We trust that the Eruv will very much add to the simchat Yom Tov on the first night of Pesach for this year and whenever Seder and Shabbat coincide. We pray that Next Year will be in Jerusalem. 

The necessary construction of the lechis (conduits) and boundaries has been in place for some time. All Halachic requirements for the building of the Eruv have been taken into consideration. The ceremonial schirat reshut and eruv chatzerot have been undertaken. A final check of the entire circumference will take place Thursday 21 April 2016 and confirmation of the Eruv's integrity may be checked on the Coogee Synagogue website. Iis with thanks to Hashem that we can present the community with an option for the usage of the Eruv in the suburbs of Coogee, Randwick, Kingsford and Maroubra. 


Halachic Supervision: 

The Eruv has been constructed according to the high standards specified by Halachah governing this complex subject. The Eruv at this time is under the jurisdiction of the Coogee Synagogue and under the Halachic supervision of Rabbi Elozer Gestetner. Advice and assistance for the Halachic requirements were sought from both the local Sydney Rabbinate and from the Melbourne Rabbinate. The Eruv is constructed to exacting standards and mirror images the halachic rulings and the many practical guidelines of existing eruvin around the world.  It is important to note that the Halachah pertaining to the eruv can have a wide spectrum of considerations. Individuals not belonging to Coogee Synagogue may want to seek advice and guidance frotheir own Rabbis. This is indeed encouraged. It is important for those who use the Eruv and for those who choose not to avail themselves of the Eruv to respect each other’s opinion. Rabbi Yossi Friedman of Maroubra Synagogue is aware of the current status of the EruvRabbi Elozer Gestetner may be contacted on 0405 499175 or  

The Coogee Maroubra Eruv is bordered by the Bondi Eruv in the North. Where the two eruvin meet and join, one may choose to carry from one to the other, from the Bondi Eruv to the Coogee-Maroubr Eruv. However, the Coogee-Maroubra Eruv and the existing Bondi Eruv are independent and the status of one Eruv does not rely on the validity of the other Eruv. The Bondi Eruv is under the supervision of the Kashrut Authority under Rabbi M Gutnick. It is envisaged that the two eruvin in Bondi in the North and our Eruv in the South will in time come under the one authority. Time and Pesach did not allow for this to currently happen.  

The Coogee-Maroubra Eruv has primarily utilised the addition of lechis” (conduits attached to power poles) under the Optus wires to form the figure of a “tzuras H’pesach” –a doorway. Also employed are existing fencing and the cliff face on its eastern border. The lechis are easily identified by the orange cap at the top of the grey conduit. The map of the Eruv is shown here. It is important to be aware of the exact route , including which side of the street, so as to understand whether one is within the Eruv.  

We take this opportunity in wishing the extended community a chag kasher V’sameach 

Coogee Synagogue Eruv Committee.  

Wed, 12 December 2018 4 Tevet 5779